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Didier Argentero

My digital art creations in the painting format for your decoration !

I give a real wall decoration medium to my virtual creations through modern printing techniques. I integrate the pixelation and electronic asperities into my artistic process, in reference to the pointillism or the impressionism. I do not try to replicate what is drawn or painted by hand : the concept is to offer an alternative to photographs, watercolors, pastels, oil paint or acrylic. With my hand and a pen on a graphics tablet, I use the tools proposed by image processing software as tools of creation, diverting them from their first use. A creation of Artnumeric is quite a virtual adventure. Its starting point takes place in the desert of a blank page. As if by magic, the colors lie down and are filtred, transformed in turns... Clicks and double clicks of the desert's mouse fall suddenly into place !

Edited to order, signed, with a Certificate of Authenticity, the Giclee of the picture is made on a Canvas with handmade mounting on wooden frame with keys. The creation is available upon Estimate/e-mail in an alternate format : Plexiglass, Dibond, Bois, Pvc.

Artnumeric is the online gallery through wich I display and sell my paintings - Terms and Conditions - Legal information : Didier Argentero - 15, route de Tarare 69550 Amplepuis - France - Phone + 33 (0)6 30 63 35 67 - 479 818 734 R.C.S. Villefranche-Tarare - TVA non applicable, article 293 B du CGI - Estimate/e-mail.







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