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Born on February 5, 1963 in Amplepuis in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes area, I first exercised my sense of creativity on precious metals. It was while making jewelry from 1982 to 1987 that I learned to compose the forms and dare to make alliances. However, my professional life changed as a result of an accident at my workplace; I lost part of the use of my left hand. In fact, I could no longer make jewelry...

In 1996 I discovered during an internship in computer science, two software: GIMP and Photoshop. Fascinated, I spent my free time mastering these new tools. I felt that this software would allow me to develop my creativity in another way.

I compare the new material I work on to melting glass, whimsical, sometimes unpredictable. I tame the virtual reality to draw the palette of my imaginary. I use the tools proposed by image processing software as tools of creation, diverting them from their first use. I integrate the pixelation and electronic asperities into my artistic process, in reference to the pointillism or the impressionism. I do not try to replicate what is drawn or painted by hand : the concept is to offer an alternative to photographs, watercolors, pastels, oil paint or acrylic.

Internet arrived in my daily life in 2002 and I decided to share my creations by offering them in postcard format: orders were made by e-mail. I printed the postcards at home and mailed them. Then the digital printing techniques evolving, the storage capacities too, I began to realize my digital creations saved on larger files that allowed me to print them in large format. Finally, it was in July 2023 that I discovered the existence of the NFT.


2002 Postcards on the Internet




2006 Exhibition at Habitat Lyon




2012 Giclee print on Canvas




2024 NFT at Opensea




For you, the buyer, the NFT allows you to support an artist, collect digital works and watch them at home. When you own one of my digital art boards in NFT format, you have the right to have it edited on a medium of your choice, or simply to show it on a big screen to your friends.

Digital author, the NFT allows me to sell a digital artwork, as I would sell a physical artwork.



Artnumeric is my online gallery. Upon Estimate/e-mail my creations can be printed on a support : Canvas, Plexiglass, Dibond, Wood, Pvc - Terms and Conditions - Legal information : Didier Argentero - 15, route de Tarare 69550 Amplepuis - France - Phone + 33 (0)6 30 63 35 67 - 479 818 734 R.C.S. Villefranche-Tarare - TVA non applicable, article 293 B du CGI.







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