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I would like to give a real wall decoration medium to a virtual creation through modern printing techniques. I integrate the pixelation and electronic asperities into my artistic process, in reference to the pointillism or the impressionism. I do not try to replicate what is drawn or painted by hand : the concept is to offer an alternative to photographs, watercolors, pastels, oil paint or acrylic. With my hand and a pen on a graphics tablet, I use the tools proposed by image processing software as tools of creation, diverting them from their first use. A creation of Artnumeric is quite a virtual adventure. Its starting point takes place in the desert of a blank page. As if by magic, the colors lie down and are filtred, transformed in turns. Clicks and double clicks of the desert's mouse fall suddenly into place… Let's dream with these amazing pictures !

The edition of my digital creations in the format painting is generally made on a support lamination wood. Each creation is signed and numbered by me, within the limit of thirty copies, and a certificate of authenticity.



Artnumeric is the online gallery through wich I display and sell my paintings to order - Didier Argentero - 15, route de Tarare 69550 Amplepuis - France - Phone + 33 (0)6 30 63 35 67 - 479 818 734 R.C.S. Villefranche-Tarare - TVA non applicable, article 293 B du CGI - Estimate/e-mail.






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